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As elevators and escalators are equipment meant for high volume human transportation, it is no surprise that Malaysian laws impose stringent and mandatory controls on maintenance, service and repair of all elevators and escalators.

Being the one and only authorized company to carry out the Toshiba elevators and escalators maintenance, we possess the following expertise, methodologies, processes and tools.

  1. Professionals specially trained to handle Toshiba elevators and escalators;
  2. Specially designed and proprietary diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and solve technical problems;
  3. Assured access to supply of all genuine Toshiba parts which are specially designed and manufactured for Toshiba elevators and escalators since these are not available in the open market;
  4. Confidential electronic security and engineering drawings issued by Toshiba which are essential for the maintenance, service and repair of Toshiba elevators and escalators to keep them up and running at all times, and
  5. Established networks of skilled personnel with the necessary experience, resources and logistics to provide 24 hours emergency service.



Breakdown Response System

A. Day breakdown
A centralize call centre is set up in our KL office located in Kuchai Lama. The centre is managed by an engineer. A 24 hours hot line number is assigned for the call centre. All incoming complaints or break down from our clients will be handled by the engineer. Upon receiving any breakdown call, the engineer will immediately contact the technicians at respective zones by telephone or pager.

All incoming complaints from our clients will be logged with time of call, caller name, time our technician attend to the call, time our technician arrived and left the job site and the reason of breakdown. The response time can be calculated from the above data. The data collected will be monitored closely in order to ensure that our response to clients is acceptable.

B. Night breakdown
A night standby centre is set up at our KL office. Our breakdown team is on 24 hours standby after office hours to cover region within the Klang Valley. The standby team consists of a trained supervisor, an assistant supervisor and a breakdown technician to respond to breakdown calls.

A Service Depot had also been set up in Shah Alam and Putrajaya to cater for breakdown services and night standby around the region inclusive of Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

Our service technicians are constantly in touch with the centralize call centre by mobile phone and receive updated information and technical assistance from standby supervisor as and when needed to ensure effective completion of the tasks.

C. Response time
Depending on the nature of call, man-trapped and emergency cases will be attended within 30 to 45 minutes and normal breakdown cases will be attended to within two (2) hours barring any unforeseen circumstances.

For your further information, our office maintains a full set of record on breakdown calls, response time as well as problem evaluation after rectification. Internal audit of breakdown and response time is carried out by Maintenance Manager to ensure the level quality of service rendered.


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