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M S Elevators Sdn. Bhd. is a joint venture company with Toshiba, Japan. Our factory has been in the elevator and escalator industry since 1983.

Having successfully established our presence as one of the leading supplier of elevator and escalator systems in Malaysia, MS Group has ventured into a new business division that offer products related to the Intelligent Building System (IBS) and Intelligent Elevator System (IES). The products are applicable to both the small and large buildings, providing an optimum & integrated management system to enable its occupants to enjoy the full benefit and convenience of modern building services.

To cater for high quality solutions to our valued customers, we have established in our Prai factory, a modern R&D facility with a team of 32 intelligent professionals (10 expatriates & 22 locals working collaboratively) and a well qualified American Consultant devoting to the development of the IBS and IES. We have also established Technical Collaboration with other joint-venture partners thus securing full technical support.

MS Elevators Engineering Sdn Bhd is now able to provide consultancy services, supply, commission and maintenance of the IBS and IES for both commercial and residential buildings according to the needs of the customers.

Our R&D Objectives

1. To establish IBS solutions & system under our local environment.

Building Automation (BA)
BA is able to reduce energy and building management costs via effective operation of diverse facilities. At the same time, it can provide a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Office Automation (OA)
OA offers an optimized work environment by utilizing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Building Environment (BE)
BE provides functionality, comfort, and efficiency to the entire building and its occupants.

Telecommunication (TC)
TC provides high speed IT and communication services, ranging from existing voice communications to high speed data transmissions, and various other services.

2. To establish IES solutions & system under our local environment.

Elevator Access Control System
Elevator Access Control System provides security to tenants of the building. Only valid card holder can access the required floor level through the lift. The validity of the cards can be centrally controlled by the Card Management Software operated by authorized person(s).

Digital Video Monitoring System
Digital Video Monitoring System (DVMS) is a latest video capture and storage technology that offers a more advance surveillance system. This system offers Real time Transmission and monitoring from almost anywhere at any time. A DVMS is able to protect people or a property by identifying perpetrators, preventing accident and observing/monitoring.

LCD Display
LCD Display is a full colour TFT LCD Screen visual system. It is a high end, sophisticated display system designed to display Bloomberg or advertisement messages in high-resolution colour graphics.

Remote Car Call
Only the authorized persons with specified remote control can make the elevator car call remotely.

Local Language Voice Announcer
Customization of local language usage is made possible through this system.

Elevator SCADA system
This system will help to monitor, analyze the activities of lifts operation, and control group of lifts within a building in a centralized location.

Remote Fault Monitoring System
This system provides timely update of any fault in the performance of the lifts offsite. This will help to provide fast and efficient support through central maintenance operating 24 hours standby mode.

Matrix Information Display (available in year 2003)
This will upgrade the existing LED floor level indicator with added features like scrolling texts and messages.

Car Operating Panel (COP) Protection and Sensor Touch (available in year 2003)
This will prevent vandalism commonly found happening on COP.

Video Phone System inside elevator (available in year 2003)
This system will provide inter-communication between passengers inside lift with security officer in the event of lift stoppage or unwanted incidence happening inside lift.


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