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Integrated Security System Overview [PDF]

Door Access Control System

Door Control System is a security system to control / restrict an area against unauthorized entry. This product is applicable to numerous applications, such as Individual Door Control, Group Door Control, Personal Identification & Tracking, and Time Attendance. [PDF]


Elevator Access Control System

Elevator Access Control System allows only the authorized persons to operate the elevator. This integrated security is applicable for Automatic / Manual Floor Access Control and Elevator Usage Control. [PDF]


Elevator Vandalism Protection System

Elevator Vandalism Protection System helps to protect your elevators from misuse and tampering with the features of CCTV, Urine Detector and Vandalism Detector. [PDF]


Car Park Control System

Car Park Control System with anti-passback features allows only the authorized persons to park their cars.


Time Attendance System

Time attendance tracking enhances the HR operation with the latest and most versatile device for Automatic Time Attendance and Tracking. [PDF]



The CCTV solution with wide angle lens helps to provide surveillance over the internet / intranet with ease. [PDF]


Dot Matrix Indicators

Dot Matrix indicators with added features like scrolling texts and messages provide user with a choice of serial RS485 interface, or an eight optoisolated input interface. [MS1410] [MS16128] [Assembly Dimension]



With just ONE card, the contorl access to lift, car park, door and even functions as a guard tour station can be done with this intelligent Card Access System built on Contactless Card Technology. [1] [2]


Remote Fault Monitoring System

This system provides timely update of any fault in the performance of the lifts offsite. This will help to provide fast and efficient support through central maintenance operating 24 hours standby mode. [PDF]


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